Backflow Testing and Maintenance

Commercial and residential backflow testing

What is a backflow? Why is it important to have it tested?

State laws and city ordinances require backflow preventers to be tested on a regular basis to protect the city water source. It also protects you from being liable for any damages caused by a faulty backflow preventer.

A backflow preventer is critical to keeping out public water system clean. In the event that a main water line were to break, the force will cause the flow of water to reverse. Any system connected will be affected. Meaning that a medical office that is unprotected by a backflow preventer can have all its contaminated water flow back into our water supply. When accidents like this happen it will cause major and costly repairs. Do not be left liable for these damages due to a faulty backflow.

We are certified backflow technicians. We can accurately test your backflow preventer to ensure that it will work. We can repair or install a new backflow if yours fails the test.

Service Area: We service Salt Lake, Utah, Weber and Davis County for back flow preventer testing and repair.