Specialty Services

Lawn aerating and power raking

What is the thatch in my lawn? Is it healthy for my lawn? We can help maintain a healthy level in your lawn. Call today to learn more!


We offer this service in the spring and the fall. Aeration helps oxygen, water and fertilizers penetrate the soil to reach grass. If the thatch gets too thick than applying fertilizers will not be as effective. Let us improve the quality of you lawn by aerating your yard.

Power Raking:

This is a special machine that is designed to remove the thick layer of thatch that builds up. Thatch is grass clippings that work themselves down to the base of the grass. It creates a blanket the keeps water, oxygen and fertilizer from reaching the soil. This is recommended once a year in either spring or fall. If you never have had this service call today and get on our list.

Service Area:

We service the following areas for general landscaping needs, Alpine, Lehi, Traverse Mountain, Highland, American Fork, Lindon, Pleasant Grove, Vineyard, Orem, Provo, Spanish Fork, and Mapleton.