Salt Lake County Backflow Testing and Maintenance

Commercial and residential backflow testing

What is a backflow? Why is it important to have it tested?

State laws and city ordinances require backflow preventers to be tested on a regular basis to protect the city water source. It also protects you from being liable for any damages caused by a faulty backflow preventer.

A backflow preventer is critical to keeping out public water system clean. In the event that a main water line were to break, the force will cause the flow of water to reverse. Any system connected will be affected. Meaning that a medical office that is unprotected by a backflow preventer can have all its contaminated water flow back into our water supply. When accidents like this happen it will cause major and costly repairs. Do not be left liable for these damages due to a faulty backflow.

We are certified backflow technicians. We can accurately test your backflow preventer to ensure that it will work. We can repair or install a new backflow if yours fails the test.

Salt Lake County is home to many cities with different ages and compositions. Many new office buildings and commercial spaces have large backflow preventers that require annual testing and maintenance. Proper backflow testing assures a safe water source for everyone in Salt Lake County.

Riverton City Backflow Testing and Repair

Riverton has pressurized irrigation and requires a backflow preventer for any sprinkler systems with a culinary connection. Annual testing is required by Riverton to avoid a fine.

Bluffdale Backflow Testing and Repair

Bluffdale City has many large acre homes that may need backflow testing. Proper maintenance will assure the water stays clean in Bluffdale.

Herriman Backflow Testing and Repair

Herriman's secondary water keeps your water bill low. However any culinary connections need to be protected with a backflow preventer. Annual testing will keep the water clean in Herriman.

Draper City Backflow Testing and Repair

Draper has seen significant growth with new large office buildings and commercial complexes. Proper backflow testing will keep Draper's water safe.

Sandy City Backflow Testing and Repair

Sandy is home to many new mixed use communities. This new growth presents a challenge to protect the water. Proper Backflow testing will assure Sandy's water stays clean.

South Jordan Backflow Testing and Repair

South Jordan has a great mix of commercial and residential areas. Many commercial and office spaces need annual testing to avoid costly maintenance and keep South Jordan's water clean.

West Jordan Backflow Testing and Repair

West Jordan has many aging areas. Proper backflow preventer use will keep the water safe. Business and residence should test annually in West Jordan.

Murray Backflow Testing and Repair

Murray City has many older homes and new large commercial areas. Backflow preventers should be tested annually to protect the culinary water in Murray.

West Valley Backflow Testing and Repair

The large city of West Valley presents challenges to keep the water supply safe and clean. Residence can help by making sure their backflow preventers are up to date.

Holladay City Backflow Testing and Repair

Holladay has many well kept older homes that may have aging backflow preventers. Proper care and maintenance is critical to protect Holladay's water supply.

Midvale City Backflow Testing and Repair

Midvale is home to large office complexes. Commercial backflow testing is crucial to catching problems early. Midvale can keep the water safe with proper annual testing.

South Salt Lake Backflow Testing and Repair

South Salt Lake is home to many industrial businesses. Backflow preventers are critical for such businesses. Testing will keep the water safe in South Salt Lake.

Kearns City Backflow Testing and Repair

Kearns is home to many aging homes and water systems. Proper care and maintenance or backflow systems will help protect the Kearns water supply.

Salt Lake City Backflow Testing and Repair

With large sky rises, Salt Lake has the highest density of commercial backflow preventers. Annual testing is paramount to safety and avoiding downtime.

Taylorsville Backflow Testing and Repair

Taylorsville residence can protect their Water source with annual testing and inspection of their backflow devices.

Magna Backflow Testing and Repair

Magna is home to many aging homes and indistrial businesses. Annual testing will assure the water stays safe in Magna.