Utah County Backflow Testing and Maintenance

Commercial and residential backflow testing

What is a backflow? Why is it important to have it tested?

State laws and city ordinances require backflow preventers to be tested on a regular basis to protect the city water source. It also protects you from being liable for any damages caused by a faulty backflow preventer.

A backflow preventer is critical to keeping out public water system clean. In the event that a main water line were to break, the force will cause the flow of water to reverse. Any system connected will be affected. Meaning that a medical office that is unprotected by a backflow preventer can have all its contaminated water flow back into our water supply. When accidents like this happen it will cause major and costly repairs. Do not be left liable for these damages due to a faulty backflow.

We are certified backflow technicians. We can accurately test your backflow preventer to ensure that it will work. We can repair or install a new backflow if yours fails the test.

Utah County is home to many cities with different ages and compositions. Many new office buildings and commercial spaces have large backflow preventers that require annual testing and maintenance. Proper backflow testing assures a safe water source for everyone in Utah County.

Lehi City Backflow Testing and Repair

Lehi is home to many new residential and commercial office buildings which rely on proper backflow operation. Annual testing will assure proper operation and avoid ineccesary down time.

Alpine City Backflow Testing and Repair

Alpine offers pressurized irrigation to residents. This often requires any culinary connections to be tested annually. Businesses in Alpine may also may be required to test their back flows.

Highland City Backflow Testing and Repair

Highland has many large acre homes with secondary water. Annual backflow testing can assure proper operation of the sprinkler system and protect Highland's culinary water source.

Cedar Hills Backflow Testing and Repair

Cedar Hills is a growing community with many new developments. Backflow testing is critical to protecting your home and Cedar Hills water supply.

American Fork City Backflow Testing and Repair

American Fork has a mix of older and newer homes as well as many new businesses. Backflow testing in American Fork is critical to keep the water safe with all the new growth.

Pleasant Grove City Backflow Testing and Repair

Pleasant Grove offers quiet secluded living. Many older homes may need new valves. Backflow testing will assure safe clean water for all of Pleasant Grove's residents.

Lindon City Backflow Testing and Repair

Lindon has seen many new business complex and other developments in the past few years. Annual backflow testing will help protect the culinary water for Lindon residence.

Saratoga Springs Backflow Testing and Repair

Saratoga Springs is one of the fastest growing communities in Utah County. Proper testing of backflow preventers will keep the water safe for everyone.

Eagle Mountain Backflow Testing and Repair

Eagle Mountain is home to many new large business facilities. Annual backflow testing will protect Eagle Mountain's culinary water supply.

Vineyard City Backflow Testing and Repair

Vineyard is a growing area with new commercial complexes and residential communities. Backflow testing will assure Vineyard's water is safe for the future.

Orem City Backflow Testing and Repair

Orem is well established and has many aging homes and businesses. Many backflow preventers may be in need of replacement due to age. Regular maintenance will keep Orem's water clean.

Provo City Backflow Testing and Repair

With historic downtown, Provo has many aging water systems. Proper testing and maintenance will help keep Provo's water system updated and protected.

Springville City Backflow Testing and Repair

Many old buildings and home in Springville may have outdated backflow systems. Updating these preventers will help keep the culinary water in Springville clean and safe.

Mapleton City Backflow Testing and Repair

Tucked up against the mountains, Mapleton has many large landscapes. Annual testing will help Mapleton residence protect their water source.

Spanish Fork Backflow Testing and Repair

With secondary water and pressurized irrigation,  installation of backflow preventers is critical in Spanish Fork. Annual inspection and maintenance will help keep Spanish Fork on track.

Payson Backflow Testing and Repair

Payson is still a great mix of rural open space and housing. Many older homes may have outdated water protection. Updating backflow preventers will allow Payson to keep the water clean.